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Lore of Creaturesque

Hello, my name is Hazel, I am Creaturesque.

Inspired by a variety of art,  internet subcultures and fantasy, Creaturesque offers an eclectic fusion of alternative fashions underpinned by my own artistic concepts, sublimating my art into the garments and accessories I create.

Although not always possible in these beginning phasesof building Creaturesque, I try to prioritise slow fashion practice in the making of my pieces as much as possible, and aim to continue to improve my sustainability in the production process.  At this current moment in time I am just one person  running everything, so  I really appreciate all the support  and understanding  I have received while trying to improve and grow Creaturesque so far.

Thank you ♡ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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